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Raiderlink TTU is an online portal and central hub for students, faculty, and staff at Texas Tech University. You may access all you require to succeed in your career at Texas Tech through Raiderlink, an online campus connection. Texas Tech University, or TTU, is more widely recognized.

This school first opened its doors to students on February 10, 1923. Almost a century ago roughly. The original name of Texas Tech College has evolved over time into TTU, which stands for Texas Tech University.

The university’s current size is the result of a modest but steady expansion. There are over 150 majors available for degree completion at this institution. It offers these classes through its 13 different schools, and it also houses sixty different research facilities. Texas Tech University is the seventh-largest university in the state of Texas based on student enrollment.

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How to Access Railederlink TTU

There are several subtle differences in how new students, current students, and alumni gain access to Railederlink TTU, the university’s online platform for learners.  Here is a breakdown of each classification:

For New Students

  1. Using a computer or mobile device, navigate to Texas Tech University’s website (
  2. Navigate to the “Admissions” or “Future Students” tab on the main website.
  3. Look around until you find the option for “Raiderlink” or “Student Portal,” and click on that.
  4. Navigate to the Raiderlink sign-in page by clicking the corresponding link.
  5. You can sign up for an account for the first time or make a new username on the login page.
  6. Create a password and username in accordance with the on-screen prompts to complete the account setup.
  7. Once you’ve registered for Raiderlink and logged in, you’ll have access to a wealth of information and tools tailored just to new students.

For Current Students

  1. Start your computer’s or mobile device’s web browser.
  2. Check out, the online home of Texas Tech University.
  3. Navigate to the “Current Students” or “Student Resources” tab on the main page.
  4. Go to the student resources section and look for the “Raiderlink” or “Student Portal” link.
  5. Navigate to the Raiderlink login page by clicking the link.
  6. Accessing your Raiderlink account is to enter your username and password. 
  7. After signing in, you may use all the resources available to current learners, such as registering for classes, checking your grades, managing your financial aid, & more.

Raiderlink TTU login

For Former Students

  1. start your computer’s or device’s web browser.
  2. Check out the official website for Texas Tech University (
  3. Find the “Alumni” or “Former Students” tab on the main page, and then select it.
  4. Find the “Raiderlink” or “Alumni Portal” link in the “Alumni” or “Former Students” section.
  5. Navigate to the Raiderlink sign-in page by clicking the corresponding link.
  6. To access your Raiderlink account, please enter your username & password that you used while you were a student.
  7. After logging in, you can take advantage of the alumni services & updates that are available, while you may not have full access to all of the resources and capabilities offered to current students.

How to Reset Your Password Or Username

Resetting Password

  • Click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page ( if you have forgotten your current password.
  • Enter your eRaider ID & birthdate.  Then, select the Next button.
  • The eRaider system will only ask for your TechID or SSN if it currently has one on file. Substitute your TechID or SSN here. Then, select the Next button.
  • When you log into your eRaider account, the system will ask for a phone number for sending a verification code. 
  • Select phone Call to receive an automated phone call with a verification code, or Text Message to get a verification code through SMS text message. 
  • To send the code, select Continue and then click the Send button.
  • Look for a new text message with the following words if you selected “Text Message” in the previous step: Here is a temporary eRaider access code: CODE
  • Selecting “Voice Call” will trigger a phone call with the following script: Change your password with this key: CODE.
  • In the “Enter Code” field, type the code you were given. To finish, select the Verify option.
  • Fill up both sections with the new password you want to use. Select Set Password to proceed.
  • We have updated your eRaider password. All eRaider-authenticated services may require up to five minutes to recognize the new password. It may take a maximum of two hours for you to recover access to TTU Raiderlink & Blackboard TTU if your password expired.

raiderlink ttu password reset

Retrieving Username

  • Visit, then click “Forgot Username?”
  • If you fill in all of the required fields, you will receive a username.

Difference Between Raiderlink and eRaider

Texas Tech University utilizes two separate platforms, namely Raiderlink & eRaider. Students can use Raiderlink, the university’s student portal, to gain entry to a wealth of academic plus administrative tools, and eRaider, its authentication system, to gain access to a wide range of protected university resources.

Students can use Raiderlink for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to managing their own profiles, registering for classes, checking their grades, and learning more about their financial assistance packages.

eRaider, on the other hand, serves just as an authentication mechanism for users with services like Raiderlink, electronic mail, and digital library collections.

How To Create An eRaider Account To Use With Raiderlink TTU

At Texas Tech University, your digital ID is your eRaider profile.  You only need to remember one set of credentials to gain online access to the vast majority of TTU’s resources.

If you’re a TTU student, you probably already possess a eRaider account because the system creates accounts for you immediately.  Set up your account by entering the provided setup code.

If you did not get a code from or the Texas Tech employee who personally authorized your account, please check your personal email accounts or call IT Help Central to have your code resent. If you have checked your inbox and cannot find it, check your spam or trash folder.

Your account may already be activated if you were unable to find an activation code. To create a new password, click the “Forgot Password” link.

Create an eRaider account by:

  • To create an account, go to
  • Fill out the form & confirm your selection.
  • Learn the “Terms of Service” policy. If you accept the terms, please click Agree.
  • Your Banner/eRaider account may not have automatically authorized your account, thus you may need to explicitly specify the biographical information. If asked, enter the requested data and then click Continue.
  • In order to reset your password or notify you of account activity, the eRaider setup page will request contact information. Click the Continue button after entering a phone line plus an additional email address for contact. You can’t move forward without entering a valid phone number. 
  • In order to confirm your contacts, the eRaider system will issue verification numbers to their email addresses. You can look in both the secondary email address you provided and the phone you listed for the verification code. On the eRaider installation screen, enter the codes where indicated and then click Continue.
  • Enter a secure password that you’ve chosen and that meets the criteria. Then, select the Next button. Because you won’t ever see this password again, make it something you can easily recall.
  • Check the details you’ve entered and give the okay to send them in. Select Finalize Account Creation.
  • Finishing up account creation. The verification of your account may take up to 30 minutes. You should be able to login and use eRaider-authenticated services again after approximately 30 minutes.

eRaider set up

How To Get Your eRaider Username

  • Simply go to “Forgot Username” on
  • Please provide the requested information before clicking Continue.
  • Among the law, you must use your first name.
  • Legal Identify yourself by your surname.
  • Date of Birth: Your Birth Date (DD/MM/YYYY format)
  • When you log into your eRaider account, the system will ask for a contact number to send a verification code to. 
  • Select phone Call to get the code via an automated phone call or Text Message to get the code via SMS text message.
  • When you’re ready to send the code, click Continue.
  • Step 3’s “Text Message” option prompts you to check your phone for a message.
  • Step 3 will result in a phone call if you selected “Voice Call.”
  • Enter the code you got where it says “Enter Code.” To finish, select the Verify option.
  • It will show what your eRaider username is.

How to Activate eRaider

Your eRaider account serves as your digital ID at TTU. You’ll need your eRaider credentials to go into Raiderlink & a lot of other places on the TTU network.

TechMail (e-mail), the Www, Raiderlink, online brief classes, online training, website creation, free software downloads, and a lot more are all within your reach with an eRaider account.

Service desk/Helpline

Contact IT Help Central at 742-HELP (742-4357) for more assistance with your eRaider account and password.


Follow the very simple procedures outlined here to quickly and easily access your eRaider Account. The reputation of Texas Tech University has spread across the globe.  There are many graduate-level and doctoral programs available.

Let’s say you’re a professor or a TTU undergrad. If so, the Raider Portal is where you’ll find all the latest information and opportunities available at this school. I trust this essay answers all your questions. You can contact Texas Tech University’s assistance desk if you have any further questions. Or, in case you have any comments or recommendations about this piece, please get in touch. We’re happy to help in a similar fashion if you’d like our help.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Raiderlink?

Raiderlink provides an internet link to the university. You can use it to sign up for classes, manage your finances, view the school calendar & announcements, do a web search, check the forecast for your area, and access a variety of other University resources.

What is eRaider?

Your eRaider account serves as your digital ID at TTU. You’ll need your eRaider credentials to go into Raiderlink and a lot of other places on the TTU network.

TechMail (e-mail), the World Wide Web, Raiderlink, online short courses, online training, website creation, free software downloads, & much more are all within your reach with an eRaider account.

Where can I find Texas Tech University’s official e-mail?

The Office 365 package at Texas Tech University includes TechMail is the software behind TTU’s official email system. All TTUS and TTU personnel and students can use TechMail for free.

How do I use Raiderlink to sign up for courses?

Check out the Raiderlink portal. To register, go to the TTU MyTech page and select “Registration” from the “Manage My Enrollment” subheading.

How can I view my transcripts?

Texas Tech University provides both official & unofficial transcripts to its students. Sign in to Raiderlink and navigate to the MyTech section to view your unofficial TTU transcript. Go to Unofficial Transcript – View Online under Manage My Enrollment.

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