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Welcome to Raiderlink TTU – an all-inclusive online platform that connects the Texas Tech University community. The platform serves as a versatile hub catering to students, faculty, and staff, streamlining a variety of academic and administrative endeavors to foster a seamless university experience.

Raiderlink TTU

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Mission Statement

At Raiderlink TTU, the mission is to establish a unified digital space where effortless access to a multitude of essential services and resources is provided for students, faculty, and staff. The aim is to enhance collaboration, convenience, and communication within the university community.


Raiderlink TTU offers an extensive range of features and functionalities meticulously designed to empower individuals throughout their academic journey. From streamlined course registration to simplified financial aid management, from comprehensive career services to an expansive library of resources – the platform is thoughtfully tailored to bolster educational aspirations.

Reasons to Choose Raiderlink TTU

  • Centralized Convenience: Users can relish the convenience of accessing vital tools, information, and services seamlessly through a user-friendly, single portal.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Peers, advisors, and university news can be accessed seamlessly, promoting a sense of belonging and active engagement.
  • Empowerment: The platform equips individuals to make well-informed decisions concerning academic paths, career objectives, and personal growth, with abundant resources at their disposal.
  • Efficiency: By facilitating various academic and administrative tasks online, at any time and from any location, Raiderlink TTU helps users save time and effort.
  • Innovation: Raiderlink TTU constantly evolves to embrace the latest technological advancements, guaranteeing a cutting-edge user experience.

Join the Community

Whether one is a student embarking on an educational journey, a faculty member guiding the next generation, or a staff member supporting the university’s operations, Raiderlink TTU extends an invitation to explore the platform. The potential that emerges when the Texas Tech University community converges digitally to flourish, learn, and develop is waiting to be discovered.

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